Ataraxis: Therapeutic Wearables

Ataraxis is a series of therapeutic wearables that incorporates psychological practices such as haptic coping mechanisms and sensory grounding techniques. Subtle elements of Touch, sight and Sound are embedded in the design of the jewelry, each piece serves as a mental health aid that aims to provide a soothing on-the-go solution for those moments when you are anxious or overwhelmed.

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This series was made possible thanks to the Stamps School of Art and Design IP Grant and the ARTSENGINES grant.

Soothing grip cuff

Brass Metal and Enamel

This piece is inspired by a common stress gesture; when someone is overwhelmed and they start to squeeze or grip their own arm, sometimes people even cause self harm injuries by digging into their arm with their nails. This cuff serves two purposes in response to the stress gesture, first to refrain and the other to remind. If the wearer finds themselves reaching for the stress gesture, they can refrain from digging into their own arm by embracing the soothing gritty texture, or remember to reflect upon why they might be stressed and redirect to a healthier coping mechanism.

 Calming Collar

Brass Metal, Gold Plated Chain, Gold beads, Fluorite Crystals

Busy minds lead to busy hands, tap into the haptic experiences of touch to redirect excess energy by fidgeting with the Calming Collar. Fiddle with the Fluorite Crystal gemstones, or pull up and down on the chain guiding it through the brass tubing, making a soothing humming sound.  Similar to playing with the string of a hoodie, distract your hands so you can be apart of the moment in front of you. 


Texture Trinket Necklace

3D printed Black Flexible Resin, Brass Metal, Gold Plated Chain, Metal Beads

Texture Trinket Rings

3D printed Black Flexible Resin

This series of 3D printed jewelry is made out of a flexible resin allowing the wearer to engage with the soothing texture. Each piece can be considered a haptic comfort object and can be used to activate accupressure points around the hands and body. The rings are also printed with bumps on the sides for the wearer to fidget with.

Touch locket

Brass Metal, Gold Beads, Metal Beads, Gold Plated Chain

This one locket has three soothing features curated to create a personalized experience. The form of the locket fits into the hand of the wearer allowing them to embrace the soothing ridge texture on one side, and the “worry stone” like thumbprint on the other. In addition, the chain is laced with three metal beads that the wearer can fidget. There is also a modular aspect to this locket, the locket comes with a variety of inserts, each which mimimic the interior of the locket form and intended to provide a unique tactile experience. 

Ball Bearing Ring

3D Printed Black Resin, Steel balls

Release excess energy when anxious or overwhelmed by taping into your touch sense with the Ball Bearing Ring. You can either distract your busy mind by focusing on swirling the three steel balls around, or relax by using the steel balls for self message on acupressure points on the arms and legs, or simply fiddle on the side bumps to stay engaged with the world around you.

Meditation Maze

Brass Metal, Gold Plated Chain Glass, Metal Beads, Steel Ball

Step into the moment and step away from your stressors with the Medication Maze. This piece can allow the wearer to focus on a soothing repetitive motion of guiding the steel ball through the Maze, falling into a tranquil trance.