Met for group critique in the morning. In the afternoon I considered what was discussed during the crit in the AM and took some follow up notes on their responses and suggestions of artists to look in to. I also made a survey and passed it around.


I think the two things that I took the most from the group crit was to consider making my work more avant garde and bold rather than commercial and reserved to help break the stigma, and the other thing to consider is the form and placement of the body that would benefit grounding the most. The idea to go bolder and more discursive does make me a bit nervous since I am interested in the commercial everyday wear side since I think the can be beneficial, but Sophia made a good point that the more over the top ones will bring people in and help them understand the concept which will make the interested in purchasing the more commercial designs for themselves. In order to explore the best placement for the body I made a survey that asked how does your body respond to anxiety and where does your body respond to anxiety as well as a drawing and annotation section where the survey taker would explain where and how their body responds to anxiety.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 2.23.21 PM.png